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With your support we can secure a future for those who are unable to help themselves. To you, we make an earnest appeal from the bottom of our heart, to support and participate in the ambitious projects. And thus, join us in showing our gratefulness and gratitude to the creator and the society who are responsible for whatever we are today.

We request you to motivate your friends and relatives also to associate in the activities of the Trust through any of the following:

Support a Child's Education for a year
Annapoorna Seva
Construction and dedication of a Pyramid classroom
Rs.3.5 Lakhs
Service minded Teaching Staff, Volunteers 
Donate Computers, Clothes, Uniform, Books, 1 Day Lunch

Donors Names will be put in the Plaque suitably

25000 in Cash or Kind

Those who contribute more than  Rs. 5000/- under any scheme will be considered as a “Life member”
Those who contribute more than Rs. 25000/- in cash or kind will be considered as the “Donors” for “PaRanga Kshetra” and their names will be displayed in the plaque suitably.   

The affairs of  PaRanga Charitable Trust is transparent – All the Life members will be invited to attend the general body meetings, participate in the discussions on what was done and to be done,  and the audited accounts will be provided to them which makes them to understand how their contributions to the Service is being used. by the Trust  for reaching the objects of providing service to the needy humanity.

Support a child's education for a year contribute 5000/- to a corpus fund – ‘PaRanga Vidhya Nidhi’ to sponsor a child's education for a year. Know More..

Annapoorna Seva – Feeding the children of PaRanga Vidya Kendra for life on any day of Donor’s choice by contributing Rs. 15000/- once.

PaRanga Vidya Nidhi :- Liberal contributions to build up a corpus fund “PaRanga Vidya Nidhi” for the maintenance of PaRanga Vidya Kendra’s activities is welcome

Life Member : Any one who contributes more than Rs. 5000/- for any activity will be life member and  will be invited for the suggestions and discussions at the General meetings regarding the accounts and activities of the Trust.

Construction and dedication of a Pyramid class room to the student community,  in the name of Donor’s choice for a contribution of at least Rs. 3.5 lakhs.

Donors -    Those who contribute at least Rs.25000 /- in cash or kind will be considered as “Donors” for “PaRanga Kshetra” and their names will be put in the plaque suitably.

PaRanga Girls Free Hostel : Liberal contributions to build up the infrastructure requirements is welcome from the Donors.

Apart from these, we also accept donations in the form of Computers, Clothes, Uniform, Books, Lunch for students.

Please visit the Donate page to know more on how to make the donations.

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