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Our Projects

1.PaRanga VIDHYA KENDRA  - (Education Activities)

PaRanga Vidhya Kendra - school of learning makes a bold attempt at providing this value-based education along with the required academic education for about 450 children. The objectives are to see the children turn the pages of history and after that look forward / march ahead to make society brighter, bigger and higher. In the realm of selfless service.

Keeping abreast these values, the school of  learning  provides;Kindergarten to college academic education by trained staff and voluntary force.All facilities for academic and extra curricular activities. Read More...

Hostel facilities for about 200 children.

Education for 100 inmates of PaRanga Asraya Dhaams

A conducive atmosphere for children to turn and toss around their learning.

Estimated cost of infrastructure – Rs 55 Lakhs.


An auditorium to house about 1000 people for organizing cultural and other associated programs.

Estimated cost – Rs 10 Lakhs.

3.PaRanga ASHRYA DHAAMA(Home for Homelss).

This scheme is worked out to serve the poorest of the poor and the orphans. Efforts are directed to kindle the light of life in these children who hold the torch of progress in time to come. To flower forth this hidden potential requires care, shelter and above all our love. The objective is to bring forth excellence in all round growth i.e., physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual through which they are light to oneself and to others.

About 100 children will be the beneficiaries.

Estimated cost of the infrastructure- Rs. 15 Lakhs

 4.PaRanga ABHAYA DHAAMA(Shelter for Aged). 

ABHAYA DHAAMA_ Shelter for aged aims to provide a space where service can be rendered or received. To bring forth life among in mates, where all moral inspirations, all possibilities for ‘that’ feel of completeness, all experiences that can be shared for wider perspective_is the goal of this project.

Facilities to about 50 inmates are planned to begin with.

Estimated cost of the infrastructure_Rs.25 lakshs

5.PaRanga SUSHRUTHA KENDRA. – (Health Care Activity)

This project aims at providing all the basic medical facilities like a 50 bed hospital with out patient block, X-ray, surgical and other required facilities for diagnostics, Mobile van for rural health check up, Ambulance service to provide medical attention.

The estimated cost of Infrastructure - Rs. 55 Lakhs.

6.PaRanga JEEVA PRIYA – (Animal Protection and caring)

This project aims at caring and protecting the animals to maintain the eco balance and show our great fullness to the animals and other living beings created by the creator, who are also responsible for our happiness.

The estimated cost of the infrastructure—Rs.10 Lakhs.

7. PaRanga KRIPA - (Rehabilitation Homes for mentally and physically handicapped),

This project aims at providing a lovely space for physically handicapped and mentally disabled persons and also for the discarded, not cared and ill treated due to some diseases. These people will be provided with a happy  and lovely space that provides them a feeling that they are not dependent on any body and they are on their own.

The Estimated cost for the Infrastructure – Rs 15 Lakhs.

8.PaRanga VRUTHI VIKASA KENDRA; - (Vocational Training Programmes)

With an objective to impart mastery over various amongst the inmates of the Kshethra and the people around in few disciplines such as fine arts, Handicrafts, Horticulture, Floriculture, Ornamental Pottery, Embroidery, Tailoring, Printing, Dairy, Bakery, Gramodyog,  village industries etc.,

It shall provide for Establishing and promoting self employment schemes for poor and needy people Captive requirement Occupation and channelise probable expertise of aged to the children of the Kshethra.

Estimated cost – Rs 15 Lakhs.

As a supplement to all the projects planned to be achieved, the following common facilities are planned to be provided.


A kitchen with modern, economical and fully mechanized cooking system with all necessary accessories attached to it along with a dinning hall to provide for one of the important needs of the inmates of PaRanga Kshethra.

Estimated cost – Rs 15 Lakhs.


A hall with a serene and conducive surrounding to serve the purpose of freedom of worship in one’s faith.

Estimated cost – Rs 10 Lakhs.


5 guesthouses with general facilities to accommodate outstation guests/patrons/Donors connected with the project, who are interested to participate in/feel of the activities of the Trust and their progress.

Estimated cost – 15 Lakhs.



30 numbers of staff of different types to meet the requirements of the staff and their families, associated with the different projects of the Kshethra, who are responsible for keeping the context of the Kshethra alive.

Estimated cost – Rs 75 Lakhs.


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