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   Paranga Kshetra

The object of this PaRanga Kshethra is to take men where they are, give them a lift in whatever sphere they need, see them grow by themselves in the space of serving each other, since growth is assured in selfless service. Our duty is to provide opportunities and remove obstacles by feeding the life with necessary fuel so that growth is its own .We invite you to join us. The time to begin is NOW.

In a Society no human being is independent or dependent but interdependent. But in the present day, we see still some or more dependent and some look more independent. This difference is becoming wider and wider in terms of facilities available resources, encouragement etc, especially between Rural and Urban  Society. As such we see so many basic necessities especially for the Rural people who constitute the majority of our country are not being met or taken care off in all major walks of life like Education, medical needs, caring sustenance, etc., Thus we see a number of such basic issues pertaining to the majority of the society which must be addressed.

The emergence of ORPHANS, their craving for hunger is one such matter before us. We have allowed these downtrodden to starve in the sight of plenty. They look   for our covertures and give us an opportunity to exercise our charity. For no fault of them, can it be said that hopelessly they are born….hopelessly they remain, or wipe   the sorrow and suffering of these forsaken Orphans. We the educated lot, at the expense of many have to look back and take a thought for the toiling brethren.

On the other hand, we see people who are at their evening hours of existence, find themselves in a situation where they are made to find themselves. To their utter shock, they witness crumbling of their life long hope and left with nothing to fall back. It appears that their sprit and experience are shaken for a while.

We see people are suffering and toiling because of their serious health problems not being attended with the required facilities, expertise etc.We see eco balance is spoiled because of pollution and non-caring of animals and animals not being protected because of vested interest of the human beings.

We see mentally and physically handicapped citizens of our country suffering for their existence and caring.    The existence of all the above and some of their spin offs to a large extent can be seen as due to the absence of awakened society we live in. The nectar of awakening is what our education must provide for. A Society is advanced in proportion as education is spread among masses. The wound in our present education is, the fancy of imitation, which we term as advance or progress. The education is not the amount of information put into the brain and runs riot there, undigested for life. The ideal therefore, is a value based education on national method as for as possible. It is to be seen that willingness to learn, learning everything that is good from others, but to bring it in our own way to absorb it. Not merely becoming others.

The challenge before us is what we are doing in this direction? Voicing our opinion but not doing our bit has been a habit with most of us .Should it be continued? Why should we not join our hands and take this challenge and as an opportunity to do something to change this scenario of the present day graveyard feeling into a beautiful rose garden feeling? 

The intution and vision to turn these objectives into reality calls for unique field, hence PaRanga kshethra - Centre of effective Social Service has come into existence.

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Paranga Charitable Trust:

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