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PaRanga Charitable Trust is a non-profit making trust promulgated with the intension of unselfish social and charitable activities catering mainly to Rural areas, the activities of the trust encompass diverse aspects of existence by providing not only basic amenities but also basic human rights.

The various activities of the trust are segregated into:

PaRanga Ashraya Dhama - Home for homeless
PaRanga Vidhya Kendra - Education
PaRanga Abhaya Dhaama - Shelter for aged
PaRanga Raktha Nidhi - Blood Reserve
PaRanga Nethra Nidhi - Eyes
PaRanga Sushrutha Kendra - Health
PaRanga Jeeva Priya - Care for animals
PaRanga Sasya Kaashi - Trees and environment
PaRanga Kripa - Rehabilitation for mentally and physically handicapped
PaRanga Vayaska Vidhya Prabha - Adult Education
PaRanga Vruthi Vikaasa Kendra - Vocational training

At present priority is given to PaRanga Vidya Kendra, one of the offshoots of the Trust provides encouraging and conducive environment for learning and knowledge especially for girls from rural areas. The Trust intends not only to provide basic amenities, education but also imbibe human values so as to prepare its beneficiaries in their future endeavors.

Attempt is being made to buildup the interest in basic science for the students, through the required infrastructure and facilities, which is highly required for the development of Science and Technology.

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Paranga Charitable Trust:

Torepalya,Belagumba Post,MagadiTaluk,Bangalore Rural,Ramanagara -562120

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